MegaBase Target Stand V3.1

Ideal for steel or cardboard targets. Almost indestructible, so if your club throws the stand in a big pile at the end of a match they'll survive (probably :-). NOTE: Version 3.1 (shown) is lighter than the older model;  thinner plate and bigger holes, so they tend to warp a bit when welded. They still work perfectly, and the ground on your range isn't perfectly flat anyway... but they do look a little warpy.

Sold as 'Base only' or with a 2x4 TopCap, which allows you to mount any gong atop your vertical 2x4. A little cheaper purchased together. Our gongs have either one hole, two holes spaced 4" on center, or two holes spaced 8" on center; so if you are adding a TopCap, choose the correct hole spacing to match your gong. We also have 'Custom TopCap' as an option; if you're gong has some other hole spacing, choose that option and add a note on checkout with your desired hole spacing. Call or email to clarify if needed.

Availability: Always in stock Usually shipped out the day after you order.

For steel targets, it accepts a standard 2x4 (user supplied), you'll also need one of our 2x4 caps (sold separately). This is the standard method of mounting large plates for Steel Challenge matches.

For cardboard targets, the MegaBase takes standard lath, or with the removal of a few bolts, it will take 1x2s. Both lath and 1x2s can be bought at Home Depot, or we can supply if necessary.

Photos show the MegaBase with a 2x4, with lath and cardboard IDPA target, and with a full-size IDPA Torso target (targets sold separately). In fact, you can mount a steel target on the 2x4, and at the same time put a cardboard target on lath and shoot them simultaneously. Twice the fun! Includes spikes to pin the base down in wind (or if you have a tall heavy target mounted); does not include wood or targets.

Major Order Delays

Our production and shipping schedules are fully booked until Mar 8 2019. New orders will not  ship until that date at the earliest.

We apologize for the delays and suggest you send us an email to clarify when your new order will be scheduled.