X-Wing Target Base

Note: The X-Wing Base is being replaced with the 'Big H' Base. You can still order the X-Wing if you prefer, but the 'Big H' is superior. It comes apart with out tools and packs up nicely.

This all-steel base will support an upright 2x4 for mounting steel targets. Works fine even with large, heavy, steel targets like our full-size IDPA Torso. 

Sold as 'Base only' or with a 2x4 TopCap, which allows you to mount any gong atop your vertical 2x4. Our gongs have either one hole, two holes spaced 4" on center, or two holes spaced 8" on center; so if you are adding a TopCap, choose the correct hole spacing to match your gong. We also have 'Custom TopCap' as an option; if your gong has some other hole spacing, choose that option and add a note on checkout with your desired hole spacing. Call or email to clarify if needed. .

Availability: Items ship once a week Tuesday, but you should check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page of the website, since springtime is very busy.

Ship assembled, with the legs bolted into the 'folded up' position. Includes a couple of 'quick links' looped through the ends of two legs. These allow the base to be spiked down (pair of spikes included). 

The legs fold for transport and storage; the X-Wing weighs only 6.25 Kg and ships with all needed fasteners. Ships spray-painted, usually blue or grey.