ThunderShot Exploding Targets

ThunderShot is an explosive, activated by a rifle bullet, making your range sessions more exciting. Safely inert until you mix it at the range, yet hilariously explosive when shot!

Availability: Normally ships in two days, but you should check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page of the website, since springtime is very busy.

ThunderShot is available in two versions- Centerfire for common rifle calibers (except 22) and Rimfire, which works with all rifle calibers including 22. One of the cool things about the rimfire version is that it can be activated by very long shots with your centerfire rifle; for example a magnum caliber at 1000 meters (if you can hit a four-inch target at 1000 meters, this might be your new favorite pastime!)

Sold in 'single servings', or cheaper by the case. A case of centerfire is twelve one-pound targets; a case of rimfire is eighteen half-pound targets. Rimfire also sold as a six-pack (because who doesn't love a six-pack?) Note: A valid PAL (bearing the same name as your order) is required. Please take a pic of your PAL and email it to when ordering.

We tried to make some targets to mount the Thunder Shot; here's the video!