Rubber Dummy

 A practical and exciting training prop, the Rubber Dummy comes with a portable steel stand. Can be 'reset' with common primer from your local Home Depot. 

Sold as 'Dummy only', or as a set with the stand, or get three-pack of Dummies with stands at a better price. The all-steel stand comes apart (without tools) for easy transport. The target normally stands 71" tall overall, but that height can be customized with common plumbing pipe. Comes with a pair of spikes so you can fix it to the ground.

Availability: Items ship once a week Tuesday, but you should check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page of the website, since springtime is very busy.

 Here's Cory Meals demonstrating the targets on YouTube.



The manufacturer says:

Rubber Dummies are life size 3D torso targets. They are made exclusively in the USA from 100% recycled rubber. Our unique material composition allows the projectiles to pass through with minimal deformation and degradation to the Dummy. Our Dummies "Self Heal"  after each shot.

They have an outer "skin" that reacts to each impact giving the shooter a realistic visual sense as to where the target has been struck. The "skin" of the targets is easily and quickly re-applied and thereby makes it almost new again. They are extremely durable and can be used over and over again.

Our Dummies are able to take 1000's of hits from just about any caliber. Anything from 17HMR to 50BMG, bird shot, 22's to 50S&W. Our Dummies can stand up to everything you fire at it. Rubber Dummies are great fun for Recreational Shooting, Self Defense Training and Tactical Training as well. Unlike steel targets our Dummies allow the projectiles to pass through them. This allows them to be shot at from Point Blank Range making the Dummies ideal for indoor ranges, close-up self defense training and "fire" house tactical facilities. Every hit can be easily and instantly seen regardless of how far away the shooter is.