Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to PO boxes? Yes. We ship to any address to which Canada Post delivers.

What is the warranty on your products? Range Rabbit does not limit the warranty period. If at any time you think your target, stand, or accessory did not perform the way you expected, we will repair or replace it. Our customers understand that anything on a shooting range can be damaged, and eventually it will break or wear out. If you believe the product let you down, we'll take responsibility for it. Depending on the circumstances, the customer will likely bear some or all of the shipping charges; we're nice, but not toooo nice :-).

What forms of payment do you accept?   Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, PayPal, and ApplePay, or you can choose COD and send us an EMT (Interac E-Transfer). We also take cash if we meet in person.

Where are you located? In the Okanagan area, BC, Canada. 

Can I pick up my order in the Okanagan area?   Yes. Our warehouse is near Kelowna, so we can arrange to meet; we offer free delivery in the surrounding and nearby areas.

How much is shipping? Canadian orders over $150 ship free. Canadian orders under $150 are a flat $12.95. USA orders are priced depending on order size, roughly 25% of the order. If you are local to the Okanagan area shipping is free and your order hand-delivered. 

How long will it take to send my order? Order are fulfilled within a week. If you need your order for a match or specific date, please call or write and we'll work into the night!

Most products ship after TWO weekdays. Orders placed on the weekend tend to ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. Some products indicate in their description that they take an extra day (usually larger items that need assembly). Even custom products, especially small modifications on existing designs, only add one day to order times. 

Do you make custom targets? Yes. Some ranges need sizes, shapes, or hole patterns to match their range equipment or rules. Some customers want a specific size of wolf or tactical torso. We make custom targets, stands, and brackets. Easy, and reasonably priced.

Can you supply targets in other thicknesses? Yes. The most common items are sold in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" AR500 steel; 3/8" is the most popular. Everything we make can be made in any thickness; please email or call if you don't see what you want.

How do you ship?   As of May 2018, most orders are shipping Canada Post Expedited Parcel (tracking info provided). Larger orders (over $3500 or so) are shipped on a pallet, and we will work with you to make receiving it as easy as possible.

Can I buy your targets at gun stores?   The easiest way to get our products is to place an order via our website, or by calling our toll-free number 1 (888) 666-3334.

What are the safe shooting distances for steel targets?   We don't call any kind of shooting 'totally safe', but we recommend more than 10 meters for pistols, and 100 meters for rifles. Rifles are also pretty hard on the targets at closer distances; if your bullets are travelling faster than 3000 fps when they hit, you should move the target further out!

What calibers can I shoot at the steel targets?  An AR500 steel target, 3/8" thick, can withstand any pistol caliber. Most rifle calibers will cause minor pitting (imagine pressing your fingernail into leather), and can chip the edges a little. Really hot rifle calibers (eg: .338 and 50BMG) can bend the targets if shot too close. As a guideline, shoot rifle calibers at minimum 100 meters, and those bigger calibers at 250m or more.


Do your targets come painted?   Yes, so they look pretty for the drive out to the range! Just joking, only bad paint jobs included. We usually paint target faces red or white, and brackets and mounting systems black or blue . As soon as you start shooting, of course, the paint will come off.

Is it spelled Duelling Tree or Dueling Tree? I don't know. You choose.

How are your targets cut? Are some methods better than others?   We usually use a plasma cutter, but for very large orders we might use a giant laser. We've shot a lot of steel and don't see any performance difference between targets that are cut with laser, plasma, or waterjet. It's a fact that no matter how your targets are cut, the steel will chip a little if struck on the edge.

 How long will your steel targets last?   In theory they are good forever, but it really depends on the ammo and impact velocity. Targets hung for club use will get chipped away from the volume of fire and unsupervised shooters sometimes shoot large calibers closer than is recommended.

If you do manage to damage them, you should discard any steel target with significant dents or gouges; it's truly dangerous, especially at close (pistol) distances. The bullet can hit a defect and u-turn back to the shooter. We'll work with customers who damage their targets to see if they got their money's worth or not.

Ummm... how come the company is called Range Rabbit?  When I first made rifle gongs, they were hung by a couple of lengths of white fire hose. With the fire hose 'ears' and the bolt-hole 'eyes', they kinda looked like rabbits. Yes, it's ridiculous. :-)

Some made-up stuff to reward you for reading the whole thing-

What does the AR in AR500 stand for? My grandfather, Andrew Redman, a metallurgist at Hudson's Bay Mining and Smelting, accidentally spilled some Chromium, Vanadium and Scandium into a batch of steel. When the batch had been cast and cooled, they realized that the steel was too hard to work with. His initials, AR, and his annual paycheque, $500, were used to name the new product.