2x4 Top Caps

Top Caps mount to the top of a standard 2x4, so you can mount steel targets or tactical silhouettes. Sold individually.

Available in seven versions depending on the size and hole-spacing of your targets.There are two variants- 'Static' and 'Jiggler'; Static Top Caps bolt firmly to the target, while the Jiggler allows the target to move around a little when struck. 

Sizes: Single Hole, 4" hole spacing, or 8" hole spacing. We can easily make custom sizes for you if your targets have other spacing. If you want custom feel free to email us and tell us what you need. 

A Dummy mount has been newly added for anyone who has already purchased an h-base and just needs a mount!

Also, if you have several targets, but don't mount them all at the same time, you might need just spare brackets (the part that actually bolts to the back of the target), so choose 'Just a Jiggler', they don't include a Top Cap.

Availability: check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or the FAQ  page

What's included:

  • The top cap and or jiggler depending on your choice.

Note: Bases to hold your 2x4 upright are sold separately.

Bolts sold with targets

See our updated FAQ for our paint policy 

Note: Also available turned 90 degrees so the target is parallel with the wide side of the 2x4. Just indicate 'Rodgers-style' in the notes upon checkout.