'Big H' 2x4 Base

The beefiest base we make for standing up a vertical 2x4 and mounting steel targets. The 'Big H' 2x4 Base is simple and sturdy, yet light and compact. A strong person can carry about fifteen of these into the field at once.

Includes a thumb-bolt to tighten the 2x4 in place; not required, but makes it easier to pick up and move everything. The outriggers have holes to spike the stand in place. Not usually needed, but a couple of spikes are included just in case.

Sold as 'Base only', or combined with a top-cap to mount a steel gong target.

Assembles from three parts without tools. Ships spray painted, usually blue. 

Major Order Delays

Our production and shipping schedules are fully booked until Mar 8 2019. New orders will not  ship until that date at the earliest.

We apologize for the delays and suggest you send us an email to clarify when your new order will be scheduled.