Professional Stand

Designed to withstand the abuse of serious training by law enforcement and shooting schools, the Pro Stand can support any size or weight of steel target. Any target from our catalog can be mounted securely on this stand, and we make custom brackets if your targets have unique hole-spacing.

The Pro Stand is sold alone, or with your choice of popular targets. The white target in the outdoor photo is a 2/3 IDPA Torso; the top of that target is about 1.6m (63") tall. We can supply the stand in custom heights if you have specific berm requirements.

Check out our new PRO STAND LITE in 1/4" targets and features adjustable height setting.

Availabilitycheck the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page . NOTE that this item often requires FREIGHT  shipping which does not fall under our free shipping policy, We ship free to any manitoulin or Vankam depot for pickup, or charge the added costs to ship directly to your doorstep. Unless noted in your you prefer door delivery we may arrange to ship to the closest depot automatically see FAQ for more details.

Ideal for eye-level training with pistols or shotguns, this stand naturally supports the target at about a 17 degree incline, directing splash towards the ground, and reducing impact wear on the target. The upright, shown in blue, is made of AR500 steel and will last a lifetime. The all-steel base has extra welded gussets for stiffness and long life, and the cross-bars are removable for storage and transport. Slip the target off, remove those crossbars, and everything lies flat in your truck or shed (about twenty-five fit in the back of a half-ton truck). The total weight of this stand is 13.5 KG, so one person can carry a pair of stands during setup and tear-down.

Custom variants of this stand can be easily made for other heights, target types, or footprint.

See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy!