Dueling Trees

A classic and fun prop, the paddles flip from one side to the other when shot. All-steel construction, these trees can be left outdoors year-round (they might rust, but the simple mechanish is very reliable). Now available in FOUR different versions; each comes with folding steel legs for easy storage and transport. Classic, Armoured, and Shorty need at least a 9mm bullet to move the paddles; choose the Rimfire version if you shoot 22LR or 17HMR.

Classic. The Classic stands just under six feet tall, with six 6-inch paddles. Ideal for pistol calibers, but the central upright can be damaged by rifle calibers.

Armoured. The same height and six-paddle layout as the Classic, but with an armoured panel protecting the upright column. Quite a bit heavier than the Classic, but suitable for rifle calibers at 100m or greater.

Shorty. Easier to transport and store than the full-sized trees, the Shorty stands about 46 inches tall and features four 6-inch paddles. Designed for pistol calibers. Excellent fun, and fits in the trunk of most cars.

Rimfire. Six smaller 4-inch paddles, made of lighter AR450 steel so the paddles can be activated by lightweight rimfire bullets. 

 A quick-link at the end of a couple of the legs allows the system to be spiked to ground (detail photo). This may not be necessary for stability, but it allows you to secure the Dueling Tree in place so it doesn't move between shooters. Comes with a couple of ten-inch spikes.

Ships fully assembled (the last photo shows a Tree wrapped for shipping; your mailman will think you ordered a 30mm cannon!).