2x4 HD Sawhorse Stand

If you want to build a beefy no-messing-around stand to hold up your rifle gongs, look no further. This pair of sturdy steel brackets (to make one stand), combined with your 2x4 lumber, allows you to build a Heavy Duty 'sawhorse-style' frame suited to heavy gongs and bigger calibers. They are heavy, but will last a lifetime of abuse.

The T-slot will accept the kind of heavy chain we sell and recommend, and there is an extra hole for quicklinks or snaplinks. Comes with thumb-bolts that you can use to clamp your lumber legs in place

See our updated FAQ for our paint policy 

Availability:  check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or the FAQ of the website.

We also sell a lighter bracket system that uses lightweight 2x2 lumber.

Second photo shows the 2x4 Brackets used as part of our '2x4 Plate Rack', which includes six AR500 steel targets.