AR500 Round Gongs (Standard 3/8")

Availability: Check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or see FAQ for details.

See our updated FAQ for our paint policy. Targets come primed as of our new policy.

Note: As of Jan 2019, the 6" Round Gong is sort of 'shield-shaped' (see pic) to make space for two holes; the old version only had one hole. Two holes makes the target less likely to spin and tangle when shot. If you need the 'old' style, we'll make them for you.

3/8" thick, AR500 Hardox WearPlate steel. Customers often ask "What calibers can I fire at this?" Pistol rounds will have virtually no effect on this steel. Damage from rifle rounds depends on distance and velocity. We test with milsurp .308 at 100 meters, and it leaves little scuffs that almost disappear when painted; if you strike the edge, the steel can be gouged. We recommend longer distances (250 meters +) for big calibers like .338 and .50BMG. These targets should last for many years.

Link: We also have thinner, lighter AR500 steel targets for light pistol calibers and rimfire.

High-tech oval holes for half-inch carriage bolts. Includes strong grade-8 bolts, nuts, and washers.

Link: We carry several methods for hanging these targets

Custom sizes and shapes can easily be made for a small surcharge. Call or email for pricing.