BearClaw Tree Hanger

The BearClaw hanger allows you to hang your steel gong targets from any handy tree. The hanger, made entirely from AR500 steel, is attached to the tree with tie-down straps (cheap straps included, for bigger calibers and large gongs you might need to go buy yourself some ratchet straps), cruel claws keep it from moving around after installation. The hanger comes with a pair of chains and quick-links. you will need bolts to attach your gong to the chains. All of our gongs come with 1/2" bolts that will work perfectly here, if your target uses smaller bolts you'll be able to make it work fine.

Works with trees greater than 4" diameter. The horizontal arm is 18"  long; and the BearClaw will hold any target up to 24" x 24", basically whatever weight your tree can support. For size comparison, the photo shows the BearClaw on a telephone pole, hanging a 10" round gong.  Gongs sold separately.

Note: BearClaws are made of very hard AR500 steel, but only 1/4" thick. It will survive some rifle rounds, but can be dented or bent by certain bullets. Also, ricochets will damage your tree; the shrapnel will grind a trench in the trunk, so don't use that 125 year-old Oak your great-grandpa planted!