Chain and Links

Sold by the foot, or bundled in common lengths with steel quick-links. Our 3/8 chain is Grade 70 transport-rated, which is very hard (though not quite bulletproof) and the 3/16 chain is grade 30, which is still stronger than most chain sold in home improvement stores.

Bundles- Two 24" chains and a pair of steel quick-links will make hanging your targets easier.  Choose from heavy 3/8" or lighter 3/16"; the heavy chain mates with the 1/2" bolts that come with our Standard and Thicker Gongs, the lighter chain works well with the quicklinks that come with our thinner rimfire targets.

These chain sets work well with our BearClaw tree hanger, 2x2 Stand, 2x4 Stand, Conduit Kit, or your home-made target-hanging system. Here's a bunch of ways to hang or mount targets.

A word about chain sizes: the dimension refers to the thickness of the metal from which the chain is made, so 3/8" chain is made from 3/8"-thick steel, and the hole in the middle is about 1/2". The finer 3/16" chain has a 3/8" opening. Was that helpful or more confusing... see drawings :-)