Chain and hooks

Sold by the foot, or bundled in common lengths with steel s-hooks. Our 3/8 chain is Grade 70 transport-rated, which is very hard (though not quite bulletproof) and the 3/16 chain is grade 30, which is still stronger than most chain sold in home improvement stores.

Bundles- Two 24" chains and a pair of steel quick-links will make hanging your targets easier.  Choose from heavy 3/8" or lighter 3/16"; the heavy chain mates with the 1/2" bolts that come with our Standard and Thicker Gongs.

These chain sets work well with our BearClaw tree hanger, 2x2 Stand, 2x4 Stand, Conduit Kit, or your home-made target-hanging system. Here's a bunch of ways to hang or mount targets.

A word about chain sizes: the dimension refers to the thickness of the metal from which the chain is made, so 3/8" chain is made from 3/8"-thick steel, and the hole in the middle is about 1/2". The finer 3/16" chain has a 3/8" opening. Was that helpful or more confusing... see drawings :-)