Clay Flipper

NOTE: Requires a full-size Popper or similar weight to flip a clay properly; a mini-popper is not heavy enough. Our full-size Universal Poppers are listed here.

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A simple and fun exercise for shotgun and 3Gun shooters, our Clay Flipper, when struck by a falling full-size Popper, throws a clay 'bird' up in the air. Clays jump 7-12 feet, depending on hardness of ground and how firmly staked are the popper and flipper. The flip height can be adjusted with a bit of gravel if you want to keep your shots below the height of your berm.

The shooter knocks down the Popper with a round of bird shot, then hits the clay in mid-air. A typical setup has a few full-size poppers lined up, with Clay Flippers behind them; this number forces most shotgunners to reload in the middle of the string, adding tension (and, often, hilarity).

Availability: In stock, but usually require paint or assembly, so give us a couple of extra days.

Built tough, with a rubber bumper at one end to take the blow, and a foam pad at the other to cushion the clay. Four holes in the base make it easy to spike in place. Comes with two spikes, which is sufficient. Spray-painted; often blue or gray or black or whatever the customer asks for.

Clay targets not included.