Clay Flipper

A simple and fun exercise for shotgun and 3Gun shooters, our Clay Flipper, when struck by a falling full-size Popper, throws a clay 'bird' up in the air. Clay jumps 7-15 feet, depending on hardness of ground and how firmly staked are the popper and flipper. The flip height can be adjusted with a bit of gravel if you want to keep your shots below the height of your berm.

The shooter knocks down the Popper with a round of bird shot, then hits the clay in mid-air. A typical setup has 3-5 full-size poppers lined up, with Clay Flippers behind them; this number forces most shotgunners to reload in the middle of the string, adding tension (and, often, hilarity).

Availability: In stock, but may require paint or assembly, so give us 2 days.

Built tough, with a rubber bumper at one end to take the blow, and a foam pad at the other to cushion the clay. Four holes in the base make it easy to spike in place. Painted blackish.

Works with any heavy falling targets, ideally our full-size Pepper Poppers. Clay targets not included. Sold individually, but (trust me) you'll want at least three.