Dueling Tree

A classic and fun prop, especially for two shooters of similar skills. The paddles flip from one side to the other when shot. The starting position has three paddles on each side, and the challenge is to get all of the paddles to the other shooters side. Can also be used as a challenging target for club matches; require the shooter to shift all six targets from one side to the other.

Standing about 65 inches tall, our all-steel Tree can be left out in the elements year round. The paddles are six-inch diameter, 3/8" thick AR500 steel; while the the mild steel upright can tolerate most pistol rounds, Magnum and Super bullets can damage the upright. A rifle version is also available; the only difference being that the upright is armored in AR500 steel.

Note: We also sell a shorter, lighter, rimfire Dueling Tree (Click here for that version)

A quicklink at the end of a couple of the legs allows the system to be spiked to ground (detail photo). This may not be necessary for stability, but it allows you to secure the Dueling Tree in place so it doesn't move between shooters. Comes with a couple of ten-inch spikes.

Ships fully assembled (the last photo shows a Tree wrapped for shipping; your mailman will think you ordered a 30mm cannon!). With the removal of four bolts, the lower legs fold up for easy and compact storage. The paddles are removable for painting and storage.