Conduit Shoulders Gong Hanging Kit

Our steel Conduit Shoulders (sold as a pair to make ONE stand) allow you to make a stable gong frame from common 3/4" conduit (not included). This results in a very light frame; the kit weighs 2.3 pounds, a five-foot conduit weighs 2.2 pounds, so a complete five-foot set with crossbar would be 13.3 pounds. One kit, with your conduit, can hang several steel targets weighing up to about 30 pounds total. Note that such a light kit is a little flimsy; it wouldn't survive competition use, or a public range environment.

Kit includes enough to make one super-light stand:

- TWO Conduit Shoulder brackets; enough to make one stand.

- FOUR steel collars and FOUR sleeves keep your chain from sliding around on the crossbar, and allow spiking the rig to the ground. The photo marked '3' shows a Collar, a Sleeve, a QuickLink, and chain.

- TWO 10" spikes for securing the stand to the earth. Useful for big calibers and relatively short distances. The common minimum distance for shooting rifles at steel is 100M.

- FOUR hairpin clips keep the conduit attached when hitting the targets with bigger calibers, they also keep the stand together, making it easier to pick it up or reposition it. Use of these clips requires the customer to drill holes in the conduit. Basic instructions are included. 

-TWO shook connectors give you options for connecting your chain to the frame.

- Comes unpainted its a pretty basic set ;)


We sell an add-on kit of extra set-screw sleeves and collars here.

Conduit is sold separately at your local Home Depot; the part number for a 10' length is 734631; at Rona the item number is 030020019.

You can hang your targets from the crossbar, or you can slot your chain or bolts into the shoulder. The outdoor photo shows a completed stand including the Shoulders, user-supplied conduit, and a ten-inch square gong with two black GongBelts. Simple, lightweight, and reliable.

Targets themselves are sold separately. Our targets include Grade 8 bolts, nuts, and washers. These fasteners are not included in this kit. Chains or belts are not included. Parts ship unpainted, but look pretty fancy, I think.