Hostage & Kidnapper

A tactical classic, this target set combines an IDPA / USPSA Torso with a 'kidnapper' paddle. The torso is rigidly mounted, but the kidnapper flips from one side to the other when struck. If you choose the set it comes complete with a steel 'Big H' Base to support your 2x4. The base has 'outriggers' that are easily removed for transport and storage. 2x4 not included.

Three versions:

Full-size 18" x 30" (6" kidnapper head)

2/3-size 12" x 20" (6" kidnapper head)

Rimfire 1/2 size (1/4" thin AR500 for rimfire ammo only) (4" kidnapper head)

Each version is available with or without base.

Availability: check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page, please NOTE: the fullsize target in combination with other items may require FREIGHT shipping, we ship freight to the closest manitoulin or vankam depot for pickup or must charge the added fee's to deliver directly to your doorstop. If no note is added to order on preference of direct or pickup shipping it may be automatically arranged as a pick up at depot delivery. See our FAQ for more details on freight shipping

The targets are made of 3/8" thick AR500 Hardox WearPlate steel (the Rimfire version is 1/4" thick)  for years of use and abuse. The set includes everything you need, except the length of 2x4 lumber.

What's included in the 'full sets':

  • The hostage torso
  • The kidnapper paddle and swivel
  • The 'top-cap' that mounts everything to the 2x4
  • The steel base
  • All required nuts and bolts, along with spikes for pinning the base to the ground.

Note: if you already own a torso from a prior order, you can choose to get the kidnapper assembly alone. It comes with all the required hardware.

We also sell sets of the assembly + torso without the H-base!

See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy- targets come primed and bases and mounts will have a paint in an available colour