GroundSpikes (choose size)

Range Rabbit GroundSpikes give you the option of mounting steel targets simply by stabbing them into the ground. Choose hole spacing and format to match your targets-

2" spacing between holes for both sizes of IPSC and USPSA poppers 

4" spacing between holes for all of our steel targets up to 12" wide

8" spacing for our steel targets WIDER than 12"

A pair of thin spikes for animal silhouettes

2" and 4" spacing are sold individually (you need only one spike per target); narrow spikes are sold as a set of two. All are about 13" tall overall; about 11" of that gets buried. These GroundSpikes don't come with nuts and bolts; all of our targets are shipped with carriage bolts, washers and nuts to match. 

See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy