Steel Challenge Bundle- Build any FIVE of Eight Stages

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NOTE: New base and target-mounting cap as of Jan 2019). The new style includes the heavy-duty 'Big H' base, and the two-part Top Cap. The base is a little heavier than the old 'X-Wing' base, but comes apart into three sections, packs up small, and is very rigid. The new TopCap has one part that bolts to the the target, and quickly slips onto the mount at the top of the 2x4. The new style makes it much easier to pile targets in your shed or truck. 10 Spikes and a bunch of heavy-duty grade-8 fasteners are included.

This kit includes enough targets, bases, and accessories to build any one of eight Steel Challenge stages (all you add are your own 2x4 uprights). All targets are 3/8" Hardox AR500 steel. Set includes: 

6x ten-inch round AR500 steel targets

12x twelve-inch round AR500 steel targets

7x eighteen x twenty four-inch rectangular AR500  targets

25 'Big H' Steel Challenge Bases

25 2x4 Top Caps

With this combination of targets and stands, you can build any one of these stages: Accelerator, Five to Go, Outer Limits, Pendulum, Roundabout, Showdown, Smoke and Hope, or Speed Option.

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