Steel Challenge Target & Stand

Note: As of April 2019 we are including the sturdier 'Big H' Base.

This bundle includes a single AR500 steel Steel Challenge target (choose from three sizes), the new 'Big H' base, and a Jiggler TopCap that mounts atop your 2x4.

Choose from any of the three standard Steel Challenge targets- a 10" Round, a 12" Round, or an 18x24" Rectangle. Each target is 3/8" thick AR500, and all of the brackets and stands are solid steel for long life.

Everything is spray-painted- the targets usually white, the brackets and stands blue. If you care, we'll paint them any color you like.

Availability: Items ship once a week Tuesday, but you should check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page of the website, since springtime is very busy.