Stands for Cardboard Targets

See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy!

Available in two stock sizes: standard 18" wide for competition IPSC, IDPA, and USPSA targets, or 25" wide for mounting full-size LE and common paper targets. 

A very compact and light base, several can be carried onto the range by one person (about 15-20 if you have long arms!). These bases are made entirely of steel and will last a lifetime. 

The bases have short 'feet'; you can either spike them to the ground (2 spikes incl. per stand), or insert a couple of lengths of lath or 1x2 to make them stable (see detail photos). We will make long-legged versions so that no spike or support is needed, for a small surcharge, but even a mild wind catches a large target like a sale, so...

Sold individually, or cheaper as a set of three.

Availability: Check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or the FAQ for details.

For more excitement, we sell a Target Swinger that will make your cardboard targets dance!

Lath (the thin wooden stick uprights) are sold at your local Home Depot in packs of 25. With the removal of a couple of bolts, these stands will also accommodate 1x2 lumber instead of lath. 1x2s are more expensive and heavier, but easier to find, and sold individually at most hardware stores.

Lumber and cardboard target not included.