Texas Star

Please allow a few extra days to supply this item. As of Feb 1 2018 we are very busy, and the Star is the hardest item to assemble and paint.

An exciting and challenging pistol prop, the Texas Star combines the fun of shooting steel with the difficulty of a moving target.

The target starts with the wheel stationary. When you shoot any plate, the center of gravity changes, and the target turns either way unpredictably. Each time you shoot a plate off, the target takes another unexpected turn!

Commonly a pistol target, but you can shoot our Star with birdshot from your shotgun for extra-loud fun!

The 8" round plates, the hub and the arms are all AR500 armor plate, and the upright steel column has an armored cover (not shown). Everything is painted as shown. Ships mostly assembled, with all the hardware and instructions required to put it together. No welding or special skill is required.

The Texas Star featured in the picture and video is the 'final prototype', being used to calibrate the spring pressure. More pics and video to follow!