These are thinner, lighter, versions of our popular Torso targets; ideal for pistol calibers and rimfire. Only 1/4" thick, but still made of AR500 Hardox WearPlate Steel. These thinner plates are one-third lighter than the standard version.

Choose from 1/2-size, 2/3-size, or full-size. Choosing a smaller target means it's lighter to carry, and simulates greater distance. Each is sold as target-only (with just bolts) so you can hang it yourself, or as a set with a steel base and a bracket (just add your own 2x4). The base, as shown, has folding legs for easy transport or storage. 

1/2 size is 22 x 37 cm (approx 9x15 inches) 

2/3 size 30cm x 50cm (approx 12" x 20").

Full-size IDPA target is 45cm x 75cm (approx 18x30 inches)

Availability: check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or the FAQ page for details.

For the standard 3/8"-thick AR500 version click here.

These torso targets ship with our 'normal' grade-8 half-inch bolts and nuts, so they can be mounted on our stands, or hung from heavy chain. Most of our other thin rimfire targets have smaller holes, and ship with steel Quicklinks.

See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy- targets come primed, bases painted with available colour.

Customers often ask "What calibers can I fire at this?" Most pistol rounds will have leave small scuffs on the steel. As of Jan 2018, these thinner targets have been tested only with 9mm, .40, and .45. If you are buying targets for use by range members or professionals, get the standard 3/8" thick version; a high volume of fire will likely wear these targets over time. Rifle calibers will dent or bend this thinner steel. If you intend to use magnum calibers, or .38 Super, contact us first and we'll take one out and test it before you purchase.

Normally shipped spray-painted red. If you care, we can paint them whatever color you like. Note that in the US, torso targets like these are used often called IPSC targets; in Canada (and the rest of the world), IPSC targets are Octagon-shaped. We sell IPSC-shaped Octagon targets