Vertical Spinner

A simple yet challenging rifle target, the Vertical Spinner requires both accuracy and good timing for success. Hitting the paddles is easy enough, but only hitting them in the right sequence will make the target spin end over end.

Availability: This is a new product, so allow an extra day or two for shipping.

This is a new product (Oct 2017), and we're still learning about the relationship between distance, caliber, and paddle weights. So, as a bonus for the first couple of months, we're including FOUR paddles; 7", 8", 9" and 10". This will allow you to experiment with distance and calibers to find the right combination for your shooting style.

The paddles and arms are AR500 steel (3/8" thick), appropriate for common rifle calibers at 100 meters or more, and magnums at about 300 meters. The front side of the main steel upright is also armored (not that you ever miss...). Folding steel legs make it easy to transport and store.