IDPA / USPSA Steel Torsos

3/8" thick, AR500 Hardox WearPlate Steel. Choose from 1/2-size, 2/3-size, or full-size. Smaller versions are lighter to carry, and simulate greater distance. Each is sold as target-only so you can hang it yourself, or as a set with a steel base and a bracket (just add your own 2x4). The base, as shown, has folding legs for easy transport or storage. Bolt sets are included even when purchased target-only.

1/2 size is 22 x 37 cm (approx 9x15 inches) 

2/3 size 30cm x 50cm (approx 12" x 20")

Full-size IDPA target is 45cm x 75cm (approx 18x30 inches)

Availability: All versions in stock. Usually shipped out in a day or two.

Click here for the thinner, lighter, version for small pistol calibers and rimfire.

Customers often ask "What calibers can I fire at this?" Pistol rounds will have virtually no effect on this steel. Rifle rounds depend on distance and velocity. We test with milsurp .308 at 100 meters, and it leaves little scuffs that almost disappear when painted. We recommend longer distances for big calibers like .338 and .50BMG. These targets should last a lifetime. If you think our targets did not perform to your expectation, we will replace them.

Normally shipped spray-painted red. If you care, we can paint them whatever color you like. Note that these torso targets are used in IPSC, IDPA, and USPSA in USA, and sometimes they are called IPSC targets; in Canada (and the rest of the world), IPSC targets are Octagon-shaped. We sell IPSC targets elsewhere on this site.


Major Order Delays

Our production and shipping schedules are fully booked until Mar 8 2019. New orders will not  ship until that date at the earliest.

We apologize for the delays and suggest you send us an email to clarify when your new order will be scheduled.