2x4 Plate Rack

If you want the thrill of shooting a plate rack but don't want to spend $1500 (and buy a trailer to move it), this is a fair compromise. This kit will help you assemble a six-plate rack without tools - just add a few lengths of 2x4 lumber.

Choose either round or square gongs, same price.

Availability: Normally ships in two days, but you should check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page of the website, since springtime is very busy. 

Kit includes SIX eight-inch AR500 gongs (3/8" thick), SIX 'Jiggler' brackets to mount the gongs (these brackets let the plate swing a little when struck, so you can more easily tell if you hit it), and a set of our beefy 2x4 Sawhorse Brackets. Some ranges require the target to be fixed at a 'tilt-down angle'; if you need that 'Static Mount', we have them, just call or email. The Static Mount is the same price.

So simple it doesn't even come with instructions; you need four 2x4 legs (about 4-5' long), and a 2x4 crossbar (about 6' to 8' long), and it slips together in a couple of minutes. We also sell the 2x4 Sawhorse Brackets separately; they are an excellent way to hang rifle targets.

The plates are our standard items with four-inch hole spacing, so you can unhook them and shoot them in other mountings- with chain, with our Top Caps, Spikers, etc...