2/3 Torso + Stand Bundle

2/3-scale IDPA/USPSA Torso, a complete kit with 'Big H' Base and 2x4 TopCap (the steel bracket that mounts to the top of the 2x4). IDPA and USPSA are pistol sports that shoot this shape of Torso; the 2/3-scale is about 12" wide x 20"tall. We offer several sizes of IDPA/ USPSA Torso Targets.

Range Rabbit also sells the bases separately to hold up steel targets; they are ideal for pistol practice and tactical training.

The Torsos are made of 3/8" thick AR500 steel. Ideal for pistol calibers at 10 meters or greater, and rifle calibers at 100 meters or greater. Heavy rifle calibers (338, 300 RUM, etc) should start out at 250 meters as some bullets can divot even this AR500 steel.

Availability: Items ship once a week Tuesday, but you should check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page of the website, since springtime is very busy.

What's included:

  • The torso itself
  • A 2x4 top cap, include a set of 1.5" inch grade 8 bolts
  • A "big-H" base, eye bolt and ground spikes


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