AR500 Square Gongs (Standard 3/8")

 As of April 2019, we have stopped stocking square gongs, though if you need a bunch of squares in the same size (fifteen or more) we'll make a special batch. Also, if you need large squares (16" or greater), we will make anything custom you need.

See our updated FAQ for our paint policy.

Here's why you should buy round AR500 steel targets: When you shoot at the center of a round gong, your shot hits (hopefully) within a certain radial distance from the middle. If you hit a round 12" gong, even if you can't see where your bullet struck, you know you are within 6" of the aimpoint.

On a square gong, the sides are still 6" from the middle, but the corners are at 8.5", so you can't be sure exactly within what radius your bullet landed.