Know Your Limit 'KYL' Bundle

Availability: All versions always in stock.

Our "Know Your Limit" (KYL) Bundles include five round AR500 steel gongs. 2", 4", 6", 8", and 10". We supply it as a kit (just add lumber) including the fasteners, chain, and the steel brackets to make a stand. 

FOUR versions:

- Rimfire with thinner 1/4" AR500 Plates

- 2x2 Sawhorse Stand with 3/8" thick AR500 Hardox Steel

- Heavier 2x4 Sawhorse Stand with  3/8" thick AR500 Hardox Steel

- Thick 1/2" targets, with 2x4 Stand. NOTE: 2" targets are only 3/8" thick.

We also sell separately the brackets to make a 2x4 Sawhorse Target Stand or a 2x2 Sawhorse Target Stand.

The gongs ship spray-painted, usually white and orange. The steel brackets are spray-painted, usually blue.


Major Order Delays

Our production and shipping schedules are fully booked until Mar 8 2019. New orders will not  ship until that date at the earliest.

We apologize for the delays and suggest you send us an email to clarify when your new order will be scheduled.