Hinged KnockDown Target System

This simple target system attaches to a horizontal 2x4; when shot, the AR500 plate falls back flat, but doesn't fall to the ground. Works with all of our AR500 gongs from 6" through 12". 
The target in the photo is an 8" round, 3/8" thick. About 6.5" of the target is showing, the bottom of the target, and the hinge mechanism, are protected by an angled AR500 shield (pictured in grey) that also protects the 2x4. 

There is a bolt on the bracket that allows you to adjust the lean angle, to compensate for uneven ground, and to calibrate the target to your pistol caliber.

Sold either as 'Bracket Only' to work with your existing targets, or as a 'set' with one Mount and one target. Elsewhere on the website, we have the 2x4 Sawhorse Brackets for building a sturdy stand, and we also offer a complete kit with with everything except the lumber