KnockDown Targets (Choose a shape)

KnockDown Targets are especially fun, partially because it's exciting to knock them off their perches, and partially because everyone in your party can tell when you miss! Bang... Darnit! Bang...Darnit! Bang... Darnit!

Designed for pistol calibers, they are made of AR500 steel and should last forever. They are light enough that even 22 LR should knock them off, depending on target size and where it's struck.

Availability: check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or the FAQ for details.

These targets can be mounted on our steel stands, or on a wood stand of your own design. Note: These targets are intentionally front-heavy and unstable; to make them sit properly they usually need to be mounted on something adjustable. If you just place them on a level surface they may fall forward. Our KnockDown Stands can just be pushed or pulled a little to get the right angle; if you put them atop a 2x4 or other home-made stand, make sure it can be adjusted a little so the targets rest at a stable angle. 

Our KnockDown Stands (listed below, or on their own page here) are sold in a three-pack of either 3', 4', 5', or assorted lengths (more fun!). 

See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy!

The targets have holes in the base so they can be tethered to the stand (our stands have matching holes); saving you from having to pick them out of the mud and snow when you reset. Tethers not included (3mm aircraft cable works best).