KnockDown Target Stands

Ideal for mounting our KnockDown targets (found here), these are basically a four inch wide steel shelf welded to a length of 1/2" steel rod. Hammered into the ground, they are a simple yet stable support. Sold as a set of three in random lengths, to make the practice more interesting (usually 1m-1.5m or 3-5' each). If you prefer, you can specify the length you want  for the same price.

Availability: check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or the FAQ for details.

The stands have a hole gouged in them so you can tether targets to them (with your own wire or aircraft cable), so you don't have to bend down into the mud to retrieve fallen targets; our KnockDown targets have a matching hole in them.  One photo shows our IPSC Micro Hexagon (not included). 

We make a variety of KnockDown target shapes, we'll also custom-cut AR500 targets for a reasonable price.

The last photo shows how we pack the stands; the order in the pic is three 8" rounds and three five-foot stakes, wrapped in plastic.

 See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy