Rimfire Dueling Tree

A lightweight version of our Classic Dueling Tree, this Tree is shorter (48" tall) and lighter (about 25 pounds), but still made entirely of steel for long life.

The paddles are smaller at four-inch diameter, and thinner (1/4"), but are still made of durable AR500 steel. This thinner armor steel is rated only for rimfire calibers; you can shoot it with light pistol calibers like 9mm, but the small paddles will swing wildly if shot with anything heavier than 22. 

The front legs have an adjustable foot to help find the right angle, so the paddle swing can be tuned. One of the challenges with making targets for 22 is that the muzzle velocity ranges from 700 fps to 1800 fps, and it's difficult to get a dynamic target to react properly with such a variety of power factors. This tree includes enough adjustment to make most shooters happy.

Spray-painted blue with silver legs and red paddles; we don't paint Dueling Trees until the order comes in, so you can ask for other colours if you prefer. Keep in mind that it takes a couple of days to process orders for this item.

The rear legs have quicklink clips that can be used to spike the target to the ground (spikes are included); the spikes are likely not required to stabilize the target, but can be used during competition to keep the target 'locked down' so it's the same for every shooter.