Poppers, Unhinged Fall-back

(NOTE: New style and pricing Oct 2018. NOT exactly as shown in pics and video.) This Unhinged version is in two-parts; the Popper itself, and a separate base. Less expensive, and easier to carry.

Perfect for your next match or practice session, our AR500 steel Poppers are available in standard IPSC (full-size and mini) and USPSA 'Pepper' version (both full-size and mini). The benefit of the 'Unhinged' Fall-back Popper is that it's easier  to carry, since the Popper and Base can be carried separately. It's also cheaper than the Universal Fall-Forward / Fall-Back Poppers.

Here's a link to our Universal Fall-Forward / Fall-Back Poppers if you want to activate other props, like a Swinger or Clamshell, or Clay Target Flipper, as they can be set to fall on the Flipper precisely every time. See the Clay Target Flipper here.

Availability: check the 'Shipping Delay Notice" on the front page or the FAQ for details

See our updated FAQ for our updated paint policy!

The base has holes for spiking it down, and the spikes are included in the box.There's more! This base works with IPSC Poppers, USPSA Poppers, and the Colt Speed Plate, in all sizes.

Our Poppers and base mechanisms are designed to be used and abused in a competition environment. Even when tired volunteers throw these in a pile at the end of the day, these solid steel machines remain reliable.

Spray-painted; the Poppers are usually white, and the bases normally blue. If you have a preference, we'll paint them any color you like.